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Solutions fitting your needs

We’re here to find the solution. HRX Services are divided into 4 areas. In each we provide the best quality in logistical services in the market.

Quality overall

Our own modern terminals with experiences staff in the Baltics, Poland, Sweden and Finland means that we have the facilities, resources and knowledge to ensure that your international and domestic deliveries go exactly according to plan. Our global network includes the finest logistical partners on the road, in the air and on the seas.

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The finest level of logistics services on the marke


Our vehicle pool has more than 270 vehicles suiting all needs


HRX operates in 6 countries with a partner network that covers the globe


We are committed to delivering superior service

Hazardous & Temperature sensitive shipments

Shipments classified as Hazardous or Dangerous are afforded the same sure and exact timetables as all other shipments. Hazardous or Dangerous shipments are picked up in the afternoon and will securely arrive on schedule the following morning. Temperature Sensitive Transport Thermal transport needs which demand heat are also delivered according to normal HRX schedules.
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